Best Camping Gifts for Christmas – Top 3 Electronics Picks

Technology has come to camping, and some of the top-pick camping gifts this year weren’t even a consideration until recently. This year, micro chips and satellites, and, memory cards, and solar power, are the forces behind these three top pick camping gifts.Hand-held GPS Systems – Step aside camping knives and Dutch ovens, Geo-caching has made camping a whole new ballgame. What was once a hiking and camping activity for a small group of techno-campers has now spread to everyday campers world-wide, and because of the way Geo-caching works -you have to have a GPS system to participate.Market leading GPS makers like Garmin and Magellan quickly introduced portable hand-held models that were designed to withstand the rigors of camping and hiking environments. Before Geo-caching expanded the market for hand-held units you could easily pay $400 – $500 for one, but now you can get top-shelf models for $150 – $250. Just make sure you check out the details and customer reviews to ensure the GPS system you’re looking at has the map overlays and other features needed for your area.Pocket Video Cameras – A great gift for any camper, and like the GPS systems, market demand has spawned a wide selection of these small video cameras that are perfect for use in the outdoors. Rugged and durable, models like the Kodak PlaySport are even waterproof up to about ten feet under. Plus, the use of memory cards instead of tape cartridges to store and share your videos has made them so easy to use that even the most non-techie camper will be recording and sharing in minutes.Some of the popular features that make pocket video cameras like the PlaySport so well suited for camping are; the size of course, they really do fit in your pocket, one-touch recording and viewing, removable memory cards, rechargeable batteries, digital zoom, and a lanyard attachment that even lets it hang from the neck. Price range: $100 – $150.Solar Chargers – Cell phones. video cameras, GPS units, even LED headlamps, can be recharged with these new solar battery chargers. Except for those big six-volt lantern batteries, almost anything with rechargeable batteries can be charged and maintained with a solar charger.Like the other top-pick electronic camping gifts, these solar chargers have evolved to be a perfect fit for campers that rely on battery-powered electronics. More compact, durable, and efficient, the newest models available are more than able to hold their own in camp. Price range: $25 – $75.These were only the top three picks for electronic camping gifts this year. There are so many more choices available that you will be sure to find just the right one for the camper you have in mind, even if it’s you.You can see a more details about the hottest new camping Christmas gifts this year, complete with picture, customer reviews, and direct links to some of the lowest prices available at: Top Camping Gifts for Christmas