Meals to Prepare on Your Camping Trip

Most Americans now days will come prepared with a little electric stove. Others still prefer to cook in the old time camp style that is over the campfire. In many ways, it seems like the meal is more appreciated when cooked by campfire; not to mention, most of the time it tastes better too. Cooking on your camping trip can be daunting and can take time and this is the reason most people would rather throw it in the oven. Cooking off a campfire does not need to be that way though. It can be fun and is a good experience. Meals on a camping trip are all about planning.Make sure when going camping to bring the essentials for cooking: matches, lighter fluid, spatula, and tongs. On your camping vacation, you should take note that no one wants to do the dishes, so the key is aluminum foil, paper plates, and plastic cups. If cooking over a fire you can wrap the pan up, cook your meal, and take it off when done saving the pan from getting dirty. The other option when cooking on a camping vacation is to use direct heat that means wrapping the food up in aluminum foil and holding it in the fireWhen deciding on meals to cook for your camping trip here are a few hints to help you. Measure needed Ingredients and put in Ziploc bags. Cook some of the meals at home if possible and freeze. Also, make sure to freeze your meat if you do not plan to use fish you catch! The most popular foods to take camping are eggs, stew, sandwiches, chips, bacon, chicken, salad, hamburger, steaks, baked potatoes, vegetables, milk, orange juice, sausages, and bread. For any food to take camping that, you need chopped up, chop at home and put in Ziploc bags. Who knew your camping trip could be so simple?Some camping places have grills where you can grill as you do at home. This makes cooking easy. However, if all you have is a campfire you can still have some good meals. You can place a pan and heat chili or stew over the fire. You can cook any meat if you bring a skillet, but a favorite for many are hot dogs. You can create a good hot dog with a bun, hot dog, and a stick! Yes a stick. You can insert the stick into the hot dog and cook it over the fire. Then place the hot dog in a bun and enjoy!Just know even though you are on your camping vacation you can still cook and eat easily. The food to take camping can be just as delicious as the foods you make at home. Camping trips are all about enjoying fife and the great outdoors and spending time with your family. Camping trips do not need to seem a million miles away anymore. You have all the tools you need for your next family camping trip.